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Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program is a 4-day foundational program created to help youth (ages between 13 to 18) to become the leaders of tomorrow. The challenges faced by youth today are daunting. This development program is designed to give youth the tools they need to build confidence, understand what personal leadership is all about and give them a grounding in what they can do to develop and prepare themselves to be their best tomorrow.

This workshop is designed to make youth aware of the traps of becoming complacent followers and to inspire them to recognize and develop their own potential for leadership. This program covers a wide range of youth- oriented leadership topics that include the following components:

  • Leadership Communication
    • Provides understanding of leadership concepts and builds a confident leadership communication presence.
  • Planning and Goal Setting
    • Incorporates goal-setting strategies, the decision-making process and problem solving
  • Motivation and Self-Management
    • Builds personal self-confidence, motivation and determination in order to support the achievement of leadership goals.
  • Dealing with Conflict and Change
    • Develops the ability to recognize change and develops strategies to cope, manage and thrive within it.

This workshop has a limited space capacity.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Goal setting for youth,
  • Self-management (emotional management, self-control, motivation, etc.),
  • Leadership concepts and styles,
  • Influencing others,
  • Problem-solving strategies,
  • Change and leadership,
  • Managing conflict and dealing with difficult people (and situations),
  • Communication skills (listening, questioning and body language),
  • Building a presence for leadership.

Learning outcomes for this workshop include:

  • Set effective personal and leadership goals,
  • Communicate effectively with peers with confidence,
  • Demonstrate assertiveness, self-confidence and emotional self-control,
  • Build a personal leadership style,
  • Understand and deal with goal-setting barriers,
  • Understand and deal with challenging situations and people,
  • Building your reputation as a powerful motivational speaker.

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Workshop Details

This is 4-day program


Gaski Training Centre
7181 Woodbine Ave.,
Suite 103, Markham, Ont.

Program Fee:
$2,995 plus Tax

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Who should attend:
This program is an essential program for youth who need to develop their personal leadership style and ability. It is suitable for youth between the age of 13 and 18.